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Assessment Score Entry


To enter assessment scores, first navigate to the Assessment Score Entry tool.

There are two ways in which a user may enter scores on the Assessment Score Entry tool. First, they may enter scores using a class roster.

Entry Using Roster

Users may enter scores using a class roster, which is imported from the school's SIS.

Follow the drop down boxes to enter scores.

First, choose a course from the "Course" drop down. Second, choose a section from the "Section" drop down. Third, choose Assessment. Fourth, choose the school year in which the assessment was given, and fifth, choose the Testing Window for the assessment.

When you choose a roster, you are simply choosing a list of students. You are not aligning the assessment with the course. It is simply a method of selecting which students for whom to record scores.

1. To enter a score - first choose the grade level in which the assessment was taken. In most cases, this will be the current grade of the student. If you are entering historical scores - make sure the school year drop down is correct.

2. Choose the date of the assessment. Modifying the date in the first row will copy the date to all subsequent students.

3. Enter data. Attempted, Errors, Score and Percentile may be available based on the assessment setup.

When data is entered, a green save button will appear. You may either click the save button with a mouse, or press Enter. The cursor will automatically move to the next available student. When the green save button disappears - the record has been saved.

Student by Student Entry

You may also enter a score for students who are not in a particular roster. (For example, interventionists or instructional coaches may see groups of kids who are not necessarily on one roster).

1. Choose Assessment

2. Choose Year

3. Choose Term

4. Click the green plus. Search by last name or last name followed by a comma (,) and first name. Choose name from the drop down.

Enter scores and click "Save." You may add additional students by clicking the green plus - and searching.

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