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Managing Permissions


You must be a system administrator to perform this task.

Permissions will be set for all users currently assigned to a role. However, users will need to log out and back in to ion for the permissions to be reflected in their account.

In ion, permissions are assigned to a role, and roles are assigned to a user. Permissions are assigned at the district level, and roles are assigned at the school level.

Users may be assigned to more than one role for a school. The role with the least restrictive permissions wins.

For example, if a user is assigned a teacher role (which by default does NOT have the "View All Students" permission) and a role with the "View All Students" permission, the user will be able to see all students.

Permission Descriptions
Checked Unchecked

All Students Can see all students in the school. Can only view data on students assigned to them via a course in the SIS, or assigned via a team or an intervention in Ion.

FRAM (Free and Reduced Status)

All Users, including District Admins, must explicitly be given permission to this data point in order to view data.
Can see Free and Reduced Meals Information on Data Walls (individual students) and on Dashboards (aggregate information) Columns appear, but are blank for Free and Reduced Meals Information on Data Walls. Blank graphs appear on Dashboards.

View Plans

Give Intervention gives this access by default
Can View Student Plan information for students whom they can access as defined under All Students above.

Can not see Student Plans

Manage Plans Can open and close student plans, add skills to plans and assign plans to staff for students whom they can access as defined under All Students above.

Can not edit student plans.

Modify Check-ins (Not your own) Can change and delete plan Check-ins created by other people. Can change and delete plan check-ins created by self only.

Modify Notes (Not your own) Can change and delete check-in notes created by other people. Can change check-in notes created by self only.

Delete Plans Can Delete Student Plans and associated skills, scores, and goals for students whom they can access as defined under Students above.

Can not delete Plans

Delete Skills Can Delete a skill from a Student’s Plan Can not delete a Skill from a plan

Delete PM Scores

Note: To Modify PM scores they must be deleted and re-entered
Can Delete PM scores from a student’s record. Can not delete PM scores.

Delete Goals

Note: To set a new goal, a goal is closed and a new goal opened. No Delete is required.
Can Delete a goal from a student’s record. Can not delete student goals.

View Interventions View all Intervention Groups and the students within whom they have access to as defined above. Can only view intervention groups which are assigned to them.

Give Interventions Can be assigned intervention groups.

Can Check in Students and record PM scores for their assigned intervention groups.

Can not be assigned intervention groups.

Delete Interventions

Note: To remove a student from an intervention group, use Delete Intervention Students
Can delete any intervention groups to which they have access.

Can not delete intervention groups

Delete Intervention Students Can remove students from Intervention groups Can not remove students from intervention groups. (Can Lock students?)

Behavior Admin Enter, view, modify and delete Behavior Events. Receive notification (email and bell icon) when an event is entered directly into Ion. Resolve Events Enter behavior events which get sent to the Behavior Admin.

Modify Assessments

Note: Assessment Definitions can be created by anyone and then follow a path of promotion, from self to school-wide to district-wide.
Can change district/school-wide assessment dictionary definitions.

Can create personal assessment dictionary definitions. Can share that definition with the school. A District Admin can share across the district.

Form Admin Allows users to manage the status of form submissions.

View Protected Form Responses This feature is not currently implemented fully. More information to come.
Case Management

View Cases User has the ability to view cases.

Case Admin On the case screen, the case admin will have the ability to assign users (team members), set status, priority, growth toward goals, etc. Case admins can close and reopen cases.

Case Notification Receive an email anytime a case is created.

Customize Case Dashboard Reorder or Show/Hide columns on the Case Management Dashboard
Task Management

Task Notification Receive an email anytime a task gets assigned to someone in the building.

Receive an email anytime a task is assigned to self.

Modify Tasks Modify the details of any task to which they have access as defined below. Can only edit tasks created by self.

View All Tasks Can view any tasks assigned to any user in the building. Can view any tasks assigned to self.
Managing Permissions for Existing Roles

By default, there are three roles created in ion. Teacher, Administrator and Interventionist. To view the permissions a particular role is assigned, click the name of the role in the "Roles" panel.

Do not confuse the Administrator role with a "System Administrator." The Administrator role was named to reflect school leadership - not system permissions. Administrators at a school level are Principals, Associate Principals, etc.

The assigned permissions for the selected role will appear in the "Permissions" panel.

To modify the permissions assigned to a role, simply check and uncheck the desired permissions. Click "Save" when finished.

Creating a Role

In the "Roles" panel, locate and click the "+" icon in the upper right hand corner.  A text box and save button will appear at the bottom of the list of existing roles.

Simply type the name of the new role and click the green button with the disk icon.

Mark the appropriate permissions and click "Save."

Assigning Roles to Users

This topic is covered in the Managing Roles section.

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