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ion's Calendar features are released in version 2018.01.18.

ion's calendar feature allows teams to place students on an "agenda" for discussion. When combined with the "agenda" feature (more on that below), teams can have a quick glimpse into a student's plan - without having to visit each student plan page individually.

1. Scheduling a meeting using the calendar

There are two ways to schedule a meeting. The first is to do a "plan review" on the student plan page. Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting directly from the calendar.

  • From the calendar, click on the day you would like the meeting to be scheduled.

The "Meeting Scheduler" window will appear on the right side of the screen.

Only students who have an active plan will be included in the list of plans to include in the agenda.

Choose the students you would like to add to the agenda for the selected date.

Click Save

2. Modifying an existing meeting.

To modify an existing meeting, simply click the date of the scheduled meeting. The "Meeting Scheduler" panel will appear. Students who are scheduled for discussion will be indicated in the select list.

Be sure to NOT click the blue "Plan Review" panel.

To add or remove students from the meeting agenda, simply choose them from the list of students.

Click save when completed.

3. Viewing a meeting agenda

To view an agenda for a meeting, simply click the blue bar on the meeting date.

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