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Meeting Agenda


ion's Calendar features are released in version 2018.01.18.

Viewing an agenda.

Agendas can be accessed by clicking on a blue bar in the Meeting Calendar view.

A meeting agenda provides a (mostly) read-only view of a student's plan.

  1. Student List
    A list of all students scheduled for a meeting. Click a student's name to reveal their active skill list.
  2. Skill List
    A list of all skills that are active for a particular student. Click a skill to reveal details about a skill.
  3. Skill Overview
    The student's progress monitoring graph, goal statement, and intervention progress indicator.
  4. Toolbar
    There are three buttons in the toolbar.
Leave a Comment

Clicking the green "Note" button will display the "Leave Note" panel.

Write your note. Click "Save" or "Cancel."

Schedule Next Review

Clicking the orange "Schedule Next Review" button will display the "Add Review" panel.

Choose the date of the next review.

Click "Save."

Go to Plan

Does what it says.

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