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Choosing a Wall

Updated Jun 22, 2018

From the ion menu, there are multiple ways to access available data walls.

  1. At the top of the menu, click the blue "Data Wall" icon.
  2. In the menu, select the "Data Wall" shelf.

Data walls are listed. Click the name of the wall to view.

If selecting the blue "Data Walls" icon, walls from all three scopes will be displayed.


Data Walls can be grouped together in folders. To access the contents of a folder, click the folder icon next to the name.


Depending on your ownership of a given wall, you will see up to three icons to the right of the wall name.

The green "pencil" icon allows the user to edit a data wall.

The purple "copy" icon allows the user to make a copy of a data wall.

The red "trash" icon allows the user to delete a data wall.

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