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Managing Users


You must be a district administrator to perform this task.

To manage users for your account, navigate to "Admin > Users" in the main menu.

1. Viewing Users

Users are arranged in alphabetical order for an entire account. Unlike students (which are managed at the school level), users are managed at the district level. Click the first letter of a user's last name to narrow down the list of available users. Click the desired user's name to view their profile.

When a user is clicked, their profile will appear in the "Account" panel. You may make changes as needed.

If your district uses an automated import, any changes you make to user records will likely be overwritten the next time the user import runs. Passwords are not updated through the automated import.

2. Adding a User

  1. To add a user, click "New" from the blue "Account" panel.
  2. Fill in the green "Account" panel - including assigning a temporary password to the user.
  3. Click "Save." The user account will be created. Users are NOT notified of account changes or creation events.

3. Impersonating a User

It will occasionally become necessary for a district admin to "impersonate" a user.

  1. Search for the desired user.
  2. Click "Impersonate." (In the blue "Account" panel.)
  3. You will be logged into ion AS the impersonated user.

When impersonating a user, the admin user is actually being logged into the system as the impersonated user. There is no log or no indication that a user is being impersonated. Please use caution when impersonating.

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