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Managing Roles


You must be a system administrator to complete this task.

Note - permissions will be set for all users currently assigned to a role. However, users will need to log out and back in to ion for the permissions to be reflected in their account.

In ion, permissions are assigned to a role, and roles are assigned to a user. Permissions are assigned at the district level, and roles are assigned at the school level.

Users may be assigned to more than one role for a school. The role with the least restrictive permissions wins.

For example, if a user is assigned a teacher role (which by default does NOT have the "View All Students" permission) and a role with the "View All Students" permission, the user will be able to see all students.

Adding a User to a Role

Choose the appropriate role for the user.

Begin typing the user's LAST NAME in the text box located in the "Users" panel.

When you've found the user, CLICK (do not press enter) the name.

After a second or two, the user's name will appear in the "Users" panel list.

Remove a User from a Role

Choose the role you want to remove from a user.

A list of all users assigned to that role FOR THE CURRENT SCHOOL will be displayed.

Click the red Trash icon next to the user's name.

The user will be removed from the role immediately.

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