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Skill Dictionary


You must have ion district administrator privileges to perform this task.

To manage the skills available to a user in ion, navigate your browser to "Admin > Dictionaries > Skill Dictionary."

Importing from the Dictionary

ion has a pre-defined list of common skills. To view the skills in the library, click the "book" icon in the upper right hand corner of the Skills panel.

A dialog will appear offering a list of unused skills.

To add a skill, click the green Plus icon next to the name.


R: RtI (Academic)
B: Behavior
L: English Language Learner

Adding a new Skill

To add a new skill, click the "Plus" icon in the top right corner of the Plans panel.

Complete the fields in the "Setup" panel that appears. Click the "Disk" icon in the top right corner of the Setup panel.

Delete an existing Skill

You cannot delete a skill that has been assigned to a student. You can, however, disable that skill, preventing it from being used in plans.

To delete or disable a skill, click the red "trash" icon that corresponds with the skill you wish to delete.

You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

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