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Behavior Admin


A user must have "Behavior Admin" privileges to use this tool.

The behavior admin tool is designed for school administrators to manage behavior events for a school. Resolutions may be assigned, and event details may be viewed. A status may also be assigned to the event.

Behavior events (referrals) are categorized first by status, then by date. There are 5 statuses available.

  • Open
  • On Hold
  • Investigation
  • Dismissed
  • Completed

When a resolution is entered at the time of referral, the referral will be marked as "Completed."

To view the details of a behavior event, click the purple "edit" icon, or the event name column.

  1. Event Detail: The detail of the event is located in this section. Currently, there is no functionality to edit behavior details.
  2. Status: To change the status of the event, choose the desired status from the drop down. Changes are saved immediately.
  3. Resolutions: Current resolutions (if any) are listed. To add a resolution, click the green plus. Choose the resolution information - click the green "Save" button.
  4. Notes: Any administrative notes may be entered. To add a note, click the green plus. Enter your note. Click the green "Save" button to save the note. Notes may not be edited.
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