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Assessment Management


Assessment dictionaries can be managed in the Data > Assessments > Setup drawer.


Managing an existing assessment.

Assessments are organized by "vendor." Vendors can be anything, but in most cases, a vendor is the publisher of the assessment. ie STAR, iReady, WI Forward, ACT. ACT and ACT Aspire - even though they are both published by ACT - are considered two different "vendors" - as they are two different assessments.

Use the tree menu to navigate to the assessment you wish to edit.

"Fields" in the Assessment Editor.

  1. The name of the assessment.
  2. The Discipline, or content are of the assessment.
  3. Assessment "Vendor."
  4. Common Name.
    1. Typically the same as the name of the assessment.
  5. Access Level.
    1. District, School, Me. This follows the same pattern as scope in Data Walls or Dashboards. District assessments are viewable by anyone. School are limited to a school, and Me are only available to the user who creates them.
  6. Hide / Running Record Checkboxes
    1. Check Hide if you would like to make the assessment invisible to the system. This is useful when retiring old assessments. The data stays in the system, but people are unable to add hidden assessments to data walls. If a hidden assessment is already in a data wall - it will remain visible.
    2. Running Record - Check if the assessment is a Running Record. This will feed the Running Records canned report.
  7. Terms: Choose the testing windows for the assessment. NOTE: This feature is being deprecated.
  8. Fields: Choose the fields that will be recorded and/or displayed for the assessment.
  9. Update Type
    1. When an assessment is uploaded via the SIS Import feature, this setting will tell the system how to handle updates to data.
      1. Ignore - If an assessment score exists in ion - ignore it in the import file.
      2. Best Score - If an assessment score exists in ion - overwrite it only if the import file's score is higher.
      3. Most Recent - If an assessment score exists in ion - overwrite it only if the import file's score date is newer.
      4. Overwrite - If an assessment score exists in ion - overwrite it no matter what.
  10. User Entry
    1. Determines whether or not users can modify assessment scores. By default - this is "Do not allow user entry." 
    2. Selecting "Allow User Entry" will allow users to overwrite data that is in the system.
  11. Testing Windows, Norms and Strands
    1. Use this section to define testing windows, etc.


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