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Behavior Referrals


Any user is able to enter behavior referrals into ion. No special permissions are required.

Entering a referral

To enter a behavior referral - open the quick access menu at the top of each page. (Green Box, White Plus)

A modal dialog will appear - allowing the user to fill out a behavior referral.

  1. Student Information
    1. Search by last name (similar to main student search box). You may select multiple students per behavior referral. When multiple students are selected, each student will have a separate referral - and will not be connected.
  2. Staff Information
    1. Search by last name. Only one staff member may be listed. By default, the user entering the referral is listed.
  3. Incident Date
    1. The date the incident occurred. Defaults to the date the referral was entered.
  4. Incident Type
    1. The type of incident. Incident types are managed in the Behavior Settings module.
  5. Incident Location
    1. The location of the incident. Incident locations are managed in the Behavior Settings module.
  6. Severity
    1. Major, Minor or Other.
  7. Incident Description
    1. The narrative of the incident - by the submitter. This is a free text entry field.
  8. Perceived Motivation
    1. A narrative of the motivation for the behavior. This is a free text entry field.
  9. Resolution
    1. Any number of resolutions may be entered for a behavior event. Include the number of days for a resolution (typically for suspensions).

Click Save at the bottom of the modal window when finished. Behavior admins for the school will be notified of the event by email.

When a resolution is entered at the time of referral, the behavior event is marked as "completed."

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