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Pivoting Data in Excel


Prior to starting this process, it is recommended that the data has been "cleaned". For instance, ensure the date format matches the ion import template. YYYY-MM-DD is the most common, however there are exceptions. Contact ion support if you need verification of what the template is expecting.

  1. Open the data file in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Select the data to pivot, including the header row.

Including empty columns or rows in the selection could cause unexpected results in the pivot.

3. In the Excel ribbon menu, click on "Data"

4. Click "From Table"

5. A new window will appear. Click on the column that has the data you would like to use as headers.

6. Click on the "Transform" Tab

7. Click "Pivot Column"

Steps 8 and 9 will very depending on the specifics of your data.

8. For the "Values Column", chose the header that includes your scores.

9. If there are duplicates in the data, you can choose to only include the "Maximum" score. Or select "Don't Aggregate".

10. Click "OK"

11. Save the result as a .csv and import into ion.

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