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Importing Data from Google Sheets


You must have ion district administrator privileges to perform this task.

Districts are responsible for providing usable data for import. Districts must populate all required fields.

Headers for exported data must be exactly the same each time they are imported. An additional space, or change in column order will cause ion not to recognize the file.

This is an example spreadsheet. Your data must have unique headers or ion will not be able to determine which assessment the data is associated with.

Required fields are: Student ID, Grade, Date, and Score. Other fields can also be added, but each export must include all of the fields in the original export.

If you are uploading assessment data such as "Teachers College" or "Fountas and Pinnell" levels, please ensure that capital letters are used. If a student score is "PreA" it should be entered as "-A".

We recommend against using additional characters. Examples: "D-" or "P+".

Exporting Data

If you have data on multiple sheets, each sheet will need to be exported separately.

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