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To enter progress monitoring scores for all members of an intervention group, first navigate to the Intervention Group's dashboard by clicking "Interventions > Active Interventions" and then selecting the appropriate group, or by clicking the intervention group on the dashboard.

From the Intervention Group's dashboard, click "Check-In" on the top right corner of the "Student Progress" panel.

On the Check-In page, you will see all students who are active in the current intervention group, as well as the targeted skills.

  1. Choose the Check-In date.
  2. Choose whether the student was present, absent, or present, but no instruction was completed.
  3. Enter the number of minutes the student was present for the intervention. (This number is ignored when selecting "No Instruction").
  4. Enter any comments related to the check-in. Please note: Comments .
    1. Selecting "Present" or "Absent" will add a comment to the intervention timeline (on the Student Progress panel above). 
      1. If entering a CBM score, the comment will be saved with the score.
    2. When checking "No Instruction" - no comment will be saved.
      1. However, if you enter a CBM score - with "No Instruction" checked - the comment will be saved with the score - and available on the plan page.
  5. Enter the CBM scores (if applicable) for the check-in.
  6. Click "Save" to complete the check-in.

You can return to the intervention group dashboard by clicking on the group name at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can enter another check-in.

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