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Getting Started with Dashboards


Dashboards in ion are visual representations of the data in ion. There are several built in dashboards (for Behavior, as an example) that are not customizable. However, the dashboard tool within ion is a customizable, flexible means of presenting data.

A dashboard is made up of widgets (or components). Those widgets may be canned "reports" (KPIS, Attendance, etc), or may be widgets that visualize data from a Data Wall. In general, the foundation of any dashboard is a data wall.

Viewing Dashboards

Generally, Dashboards are organized in the same way as Data Walls. They are organized first by Scope (Me, School, District), then by folder.

Dashboards can be accessed by clicking on the green dashboard icon or using the menu "Data" clicking on "Dashboards."

Clicking on the "Dashboards" menu item will reveal a folder browser identical to the Data Walls tool.

To view a dashboard, use the folders to navigate to your board.

Your dashboard will load and display data according to the permissions you have in ion.

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