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ion's User Interface Overview


Welcome to ion. Now that you're logged in, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with ion's key navigation elements.

ion is a responsive web app - which means that it will optimize its display depending on the size of the screen from which you are viewing the application.

The key components (identified by numbers on the screen shots):

  1. The "Me" menu. This menu contains links to change your password (if not using a SSO option), access this help manual, and logout of ion.
  2. The "Schools" menu. If you have access to multiple schools in ion, users will choose their school context using this menu.
  3. The "Quick Add" menu. Using this menu allows users quick access to common functions within ion - adding plans, intervention groups, behavior referrals, form responses, etc.
  4. The "Favorite" button. To pin a page to your favorites, click the orange heart button.
  5. The "Menu Bar" - Four buttons are available for quick access to key features. Dashboard, Data Walls, Plans, and Help. When viewed on a mobile device, this menu may be collapsed.
  6. The "Menu Cabinet" - The menu cabinet contains shelves and drawers (menu items).
  7. The "Work Area" - ion's main hub of activity.
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