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Viewing a Data Wall


Data Walls in ion look a lot like a spreadsheet. They also function like a spreadsheet. Data Wall users can sort, filter, and drill into data.


To sort any column in a data wall, simply click the header row of the column you wish to sort. Values will sort automatically.

You can sort by multiple columns by holding down the "Alt" key.

Quick Filter

Directly below the header row is the Quick Filter bar. It is hidden by default. To display the quick filter bar, simply hover your mouse over the thin gray stripe below the header row.

To filter a column, simply begin typing your filter conditions in the quick filter textbox. The data wall will automatically update.

You can filter on multiple columns. Simply type your filter value in as many columns as you'd like.


In addition to simply typing a value, you can use operators to filter data walls.

Greater Than (>)
Less Than (<)
Greater Than or Equal To (>=)
Less Than or Equal To (<=)
Not Equal To (!=)


Each cell that contains assessment data is clickable. To view the details of a given assessment, simply click the score, and a window will appear displaying additional details.

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