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Add A Progress Monitor Score


Progress Monitoring scores may be entered by way of Group Checkin, Multi-Day Group Checkin, or the student plan. This document will discuss adding an individual progress monitor via the student plan.

To record a PM score for a student, navigate to the desired student plan and skill. If the skill has not yet been created, be sure to create the skill.

Some skills (typically skills that track a rate of improvement) require at least one progress monitoring probe to be entered before you can set a goal.

To add a progress monitor, click the green (+) icon in the top-right hand corner of the Progress Monitoring panel on the skill page. A dialog will appear.

The following fields are available:

  • Probe Date (Required). Indicate the date the probe or measure was given or the score was collected.
  • Probe #. Some progress monitoring platforms provide probe numbers. If necessary or desired, indicate the probe number.
  • Score (Required). Indicate the probe score in whatever units are necessary.
  • Errors. If available and applicable, indicate the number of errors recorded on the probe. Not all probes will require errors to be recorded.
  • Comment. Attach any desired comments to the score.
  • This score is a benchmark. For a slightly more detailed discussion of benchmark and baseline, visit the "Understanding the Skill Page" article.
  • This score is a baseline.

Click Submit.

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