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Creating a Data Wall


Creating a Data Wall

In its most basic form, a data wall is a list of students. This list of students is determined by rosters, teams and user rights.

To create a new data wall, go to the "Data Walls" shelf in the menu, and choose "New Data Wall."

Give the wall a name, and choose the scope of the wall.

Wall Scope is defined as "the users or groups of users who have access to see a particular Data Wall." Walls can be assigned to three different scopes.


Walls defined in the "Me" scope are only available to be seen by the user who created the wall.


Walls defined in the "School" scope are available to any user who is assigned to the Currently Active School. Data Walls cannot be scoped to School when "All Schools" is selected.


Walls defined in the "District" scope are available to any user in the school district.

A Word about Security

Wall Scope does not determine what students are displayed on a wall. Students displayed on a wall are a function of user rights, course enrollment, and setup.

For example, if Lucy, a fourth grade teacher, creates a data wall for her class - and then sets the scope to School to share with the other fourth grade teachers, the other teachers will see their students on the wall that Lucy defined.

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